Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

This is what movies SHOULD BE! 

No politics, no cliches, no nonsense - all stops pulled out for an adrenaline fueled action revenge thriller. 

Was the ending a little abrupt? Sure. Were there plotholes? Maybe. Did they sometimes veer away from Stathams character for a bit too long and focus on other characters less interesting than him? You bet. But hardly none of that takes you away from the enjoyment of Guy Ritchie’s latest. 

It almost reminded me of those simplistic grindhouse flicks of the past - ‘Three Men to Kill’, ‘Strange Shadows in an Empty Room’ - a bygone era that cared only about one thing: making sure the audience is having a good time. And that’s exactly what ‘Wrath of Man’ is about. Having a good time.