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  • There's Someone Inside Your House


  • Nitram


  • The Invisible Guest


  • Those Who Wish Me Dead


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  • Swallow



    ‘Swallow’ (2019) is a stunning, fiercely feminist, beautifully designed, blackly comic, audacious work of art. Haley Bennett’s central performance is a tour de force. There are shades of Todd Haynes in the film’s stylised, gorgeous Technicolor cycling through melodrama and restraint. A blistering destruction of the American dream, you feel Bennett’s claustrophobia and desperation building by the minute. She has the clarity and precision of a young Julianne Moore. Her placid, softly spoken, demeanour betraying an ocean of turmoil within.…

  • The Prodigy

    The Prodigy



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  • Destroyer



    Revenge is one of my top film genres. Right up there with romantic comedies and body swap movies. For once it’s a woman who’s the hard boiled, maverick, alcohol soaked detective with a troubled past and a long lost love. Even better than that, it’s only bloody Nicole Kidman and she’s looking bloody awful.

    As she tries to track down a diabolical Toby Kebbell (!) the script brilliantly lays out why this is all so personal through a series of…

  • 1917



    An extraordinary film and an astonishing technical achievement.