Death Screams

Death Screams ★★★

"He wants their pieces!"

Death Screams (AKA House of Death)...1982
Directed by...David Nelson
Starring...Susan Kiger, Martin Tucker, William T Hicks, Jennifer Chase

A noteworthy "regional" slasher, lensed in North Carolina, (near my location) Death Screams is somewhat of an oddity in the pantheon of slasher, its almost a drama about a small town rather than a slasher film.
There is a odd pacing for a slasher film, with only a couple kills at the start, then becomes a slaughter fest in the last twenty minutes.
Another unusual aspect is the fact there isn't any camera shots from the viewpoint of the killer.
The film definitely spends a lot of time on characterization, by the end the characters feel like old friends.
The biggest issue with the movie, is the music is just out of place for a slasher film, again the musical score would be more fitted in a drama.
Death Screams, is a movie that you need to watch several times before it starts to grow on you, initial viewings may throw people off due to the weird pacing, and stark differences from other slasher, give it a chance and you may find it to be a worthy slasher film.
Make shure you watch the Arrow blu ray, this film can be found in those multi budget film sets, but the scenes are out of order, making the film almost incomprehensible.

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