Promare ★★★★

Silly, Over-the-Top and obnoxious...

Turning up the amp to 10 and then just overdrive the shit out of it. This is this Movie. So loud, so proud about its art-design and message, and you simply can only love this hyperactive child that rings for your attention, because it's just so darn cute and pretty.

The message may be hamfisted, but that's about to be expected from such a color galore that just slaps you right with baby blue and left with girly pink until you only see square lens flares and triangle explosions. If you would include a too complicated story, nobody could follow anything anymore. As Mecha as a Movie can be, with The Samurai Pizza Cats Shooting Cannon included. How much sillier can you get.

If you like your Animes trippy, like Redline and/or Night is Short, Walk on Girl, give this movie a chance.
You'll be blasted, I'm sure.

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