Suspiria ★★★★

This is my first giallo movie, but if the rest of the genre looks like this, then sign me up (aka give me some recommendations!) I certainly won't be the first to say the visuals are an absolute delight (or terror) to look at with basically every shot being breathtaking and I also would not be the first to point out the now legendary soundtrack. While the kills are not only creative but also very scary the set design and music is truly what makes this movie one of a kind.

Definitely also interesting that the witch coven also serves as a metaphor for capitalists? According to an expert the lead character Suzy speaks to witches only want to acquire wealth and wreak havoc (this is ironic from a real life perspective because from what I understand there are many anti-capitalist witches) and the beautifully ornate and elite ballet school certainly feels like an extension of that metaphor. It's an elitist sport being taught at an elitist institution. Definitely an interesting route to take with a story about witches since they are not often characterized in fiction by wealth and usually I see that metaphor reserved for vampires.

A concluding thought: Where is the Olga spin off movie??!!

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