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This review may contain spoilers.

Far East Film Festival #2

Husband discovers how much he really loves wife only after her sickness, and decides to keep her memory alive by creating a sex doll after her. I get it, the movie shows you how bad things can be turned into something positive if you don’t surrender to them, and underlines the importance of communication in marriage. Except a lot of things just don’t work out or aren’t believable. For example the fact that for almost 10 years she doesn’t know or even discover that he always lied about his job. I mean ok it is supposed to show how he was a bad husband and meant to be fixed later, but cmon she knew where he worked and she wasn’t a busy person. Are you telling me she never went to visit him in the workplace or something or just by chance got to know it? Also, isn’t it a bit weird to sell the work you imagined after your wife to all those strangers? Even if it was not he didn’t even flinch on that one. 
I appreciate the fun and lighthearted part of the movie, but phrases like ‘she was nice and horny’ or ‘If she dies I’ll never get to penetrate her again’ are in my opinion bad taste if the movie takes that part seriously and tries to move you. I have other considerations but I don’t want to annoy so I’m going to stop here, they are on the same line. 
Once again a lenghty movie for what actually happens, with some smart cuts it would have immediately become better. 
On a positive note the idea is cool and I had some laughs, the visual was clean too.

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