Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

she thinks that she’s at the point of no return. plagued and slowly eaten by the darkness her whole life. as if she’s a walking blackhole, unable to pinpoint why she’s been the way that she has. a numbing nightmare that can't be understood or escaped from. she realizes painful truths and is willfully ignorant to others, slowly unveiling the inevitability of her tragic demise.

she shuns everyone she even remotely cares about as a coping mechanism. as if she’ll engulf everyone that comes across her, thinking that maybe her trauma will seep into them.

she looks at herself as a ‘hapless sinner’, as Windom Earle puts it, wandering and wondering where her soul’s destination lies in this life or the next because of this paralyzing reality.

the horrors of pure maliciousness truly happen with no explanation nor any justification. but, laura palmer fought, and ultimately she has won. her soul cries that sigh of relief after being released from the shackles of her abuse and trauma, from the chains of the evil within men’s hearts. this is a film for the angels and the fallen angels, for humanity, for all the laura palmers around us that we just couldn’t save in time.

laura palmer deserved better. and laura palmer is in us all, immortalized. a tragedy more so than a mystery - of knowing and understanding the victim, instead of the murder itself.

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