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This review may contain spoilers.

Bizarre to see folks dismiss the morality of the movie as one-sided (e.g. Wil Forbis sez "punks = good; everyone else = bad") when a girl has her clothes torn off by her punk peers at a concert, or one of our young protagonists is drugged, or Chris Pedersen's character complains repeatedly that his step-dad is black. Instead, what Suburbia does is effectively demonstrate the obvious but frequently unacknowledged notion that society is constructed to give the benefit of the doubt to some, while always assuming the worst in others. It's about whom we choose to hold accountable as much as for what. And what's doubly impressive is that Spheeris gets it done via a narrative framework that's incredibly compelling without being overbearing, and it's all while extracting some of the most remarkable performances I've ever seen captured on film. Frankly, this movie blew me away. My lone complaint is that, aside from seeming totally divorced from the rest of the picture, the opening scene seems designed for two unworthy purposes: shock value and heavy-handed metaphor. But given the impact the rest of the film had on me (it immediately landed a spot on my list of favorite films), I feel like I must be missing something.

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