The Descent

The Descent ★★★★½

There’s truly nothing better than watching a movie with a lofty reputation and it absolutely lives up to the hype.

The Descent is a claustrophobic and oppressive journey into darkness that rarely allows for room to breathe. The setting of the cave is absolutely horrific and the tight cinematography utilizes the setting wonderfully. 

The Descent ramps up in intensity throughout the runtime until the last 30 minutes are pure terror and adrenaline. The creatures are horrifying and the gore is visceral, but the pinnacle of The Descent’s many attributes is the setting. The spelunking scenes are terrifying, we really feel like we’re stuck in the same tight spot as the characters. The fact that the entire set was constructed in a studio is absolutely astounding.

The Descent is cited as a modern classic for a good reason. It’s a unique yet terrifying experience that packs just as much emotion as it does fear. It’s like Deliverance’s crack addict cousin with an added bonus of disgusting Nosferatu cave demons.

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