Tenet ★★★★

UPDATE: I just spent like two hours reading “questions answered” articles and uhhhh holy shit this is beyond brilliant so I’m raising my score sorry not sorry

My head HURTS but... I think I still had a good time ???

Let’s be clear: the thing is overly enigmatic to a FAULT (with Nolan doubling down on virtually every characteristic of his filmmaking that’s been critiqued over the years, from his endless exposition to his paper-thin protagonists) and yet... I can’t say that I was never not entirely engaged and entertained???

The first half made my brain burst and I reaaaally struggled to latch onto any tangible thematic material, but all of a sudden things totally clicked into place near the halfway point, and the ending even brought me to tears so?

The cast is just compelling beyond BELIEF, the spectacle is staggering, and the twists are never less than terrifically thrilling. Is it uneven? Without a doubt! And still... I can’t deny how magnetic Nolan is when he captures the sheer magic of movies.

(P.S. I’m probably also giving this some bonus points because its central thesis - how we may “wish to destroy the past to bring about a better future but instead we have to live with it and learn from it” - REALLY resonated with me since a) we literally see countless individuals and even elected officials attempt to do this same thing TODAY, even if it’s on a less catastrophic scale, and because b) I’m writing something that toys with similar thematic material so I’ve got a soft spot for those story threads!!!)

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