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  • Clue



    So here’s how we can retroactively give this cast a SAG Ensemble award...

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  • Watchmen



    Will never forget my father’s shock after he took me to a midnight screening of this at age 9 with next-to-no familiarity with the source material whatsoever and found out we’d be seeing a several-story high, fully nude Dr. Manhattan onscreen quite often (in IMAX, no less!)

    Truly a formative cinematic experience.

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  • Rocketman



    There’s a moment in Rocketman that lands such a devastating blow that the film immediately soared to the top of the list of my favorite biopics.

    When Elton finally comes out to his mother, she surprisingly receives the news in a rather calm, indifferent manner, proclaiming that she had already known for years. However, she ends this conversation with the declaration that Elton is “choosing a life of being alone forever,” and therefore will “never be loved properly.”

    I’m not…

  • Let It Snow

    Let It Snow


    My mother just described this as Love Actually for Gen Z and WHEN I TELL YOU I SCREAMED-

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