The Descent

The Descent ★★★

This was a nice rewatch.
The movie is claustrophobic, dark and eery. It's got a simple enough plot, and many more characters than it can handle-- so it's surprising how nicely they are all portrayed, and how you feel for them.
Keep in mind-- I said "nicely".
Cruelty here is raw, and built in unapologetic manner, so you can kiss your favorite characters a gory goodbye.
Tension builds painfully slow, but in a damn good way-- and there's this charm to the setting-- the atmosphere-- blood on cave walls... The movie works.
Howhever, the ending is rushed, with some characters being eliminated in poor taste, just so that they could benefit from as much gore as they could. It's disheartening.
The twist (if you can call it that) doesn't serve any purpose. What you get from it is a forced growth in character development.
The Descent is a gem-- a brutal and unapologetic gem. But its fast-paced turn of tables, after a smooth and unsettling build, shattered it.