The Scary of Sixty-First

The Scary of Sixty-First ★★

its like an epic youtube sketch from 2019 stretched over an hour and a half. it isnt scary it isnt funny, its just trite and played out and a real fuckin chore. im sorry, dasha seems nice and all, i dont know much about her, but she shouldnt be the second best actor in the film shes directing and her lead the worst.

some parts were shot really nicely, namely outdoors at night stuff and the crystal shop, but others were so bland and dully graded it looked like it was shot on a dslr, not 16

probably 50 minutes too long

im sorry she has to face so much public exposure for her first film but i feel like she could have started with a short? and not a horribly dated topic? it just is so poorly written that it becomes infuriating, shes better than this.

overall not a good time

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