Tenet ★★★★

One huge complaint i usually have with high concept films is that they only have their concept and nothing else, and never fully utilise it. One great example of this is elysium. Awesome world and pretty good concept brought down by the acting, story and everything else. In tenet, shit gets crazy. Nolan cares little about his characters, but enough to make us care. What he really cares about is making our brains go boom and rocking the seats. Tenet is a ride and while with scenes that defy expectations and make you sit in awe for dozens of minutes on end. It is a perfect example of a director taking a concept and using it to blow up as much shit as possible and in perfect style. I dont know what to else to say other than this movie is really a ride, and while it doesn't make any groundbreaking movements forward in cinema it is still a fucking explosion of a film.

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