Tenet ★★★

The Ron Says:  If you’ve followed me on this site for any length of time you likely know I’m a huge Christopher Nolan fan.  His latest film Tenet is one I would have been dying to see at the cinema had we not been in the clutches of a worldwide pandemic.  So here we are, January 23rd 2021 and I’m just now seeing it.  I gotta say, I’m was pretty disappointed!  It’s the huge spectacle I’ve come to expect from Nolan, everything looks fantastic and cool, but the plot is just too damn confusing.  We know Nolan likes to delve into mindfuck territory, but there’s a big difference between clever and contrived confusion!  My favorite overall film currently is Nolan’s Inception.  That film features quite a bit of exposition.  Too much for some people.  This film didn’t have enough, and feature very little character development considering the 2.5 hour runtime!  I almost went 2.5 stars which is shocking considering how much I love most of his work.  Only his first feature Following is rated this low for me.  Disappointed is definitely the word of the day for me.

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