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  • Dune



    Having seen the two prior interpretations on the big and small screen I feel that this one captures a lot of what you would expect from Dune. There is no doubt that Villeneuve is a brillant filmmaker, too. The film mostly looks stunning, uses camera moves and shots efficiently and does pull you into the desert world of Arrakis about as strongly as Lawrence of Arabia pulls you in its desert. I feel the colours are a bit too bleak…

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    I found it more entertaining when rewatching it, but it still looks way too dark on my (rather cheap) Dolby Vision screen. I mean every movie I’ve watched on it so far looked good or ok so imho the director of photography fucked up along with everybody working on q.a. on this. Many scenes you can literally not make out the faces. Bad style choice hurting a meh movie though.

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  • Three



    A movie about a couple in a well-aged relationship that seems to work but starts to crumble when first Hanna who is a scientist and later Simon who produces art installations independently of one another meet and fall in love with another man.
    The movie deals with the insecurities of modern life, modern relationships, love and sex in a very non-stereotypical and uncompromising way. I cannot recall watching another romantic comedy with such depth during the last 10 years. Great art by Tykwer.

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    short review, more in-depth one coming soon...

    There is something about this movie (greater than it being Star Wars) that connects deeply with me. Maybe it's about the next generation taking over while the former generation is fading and mostly getting out of the way while trying to assure a transition of some sort. Maybe it's the idea of aging characters you love doing what they can do best for one last time, while new characters are trying to find…