• Certified Copy

    Certified Copy


    One day someone will remake this and it's going to be cinema at its most poetic form.

  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso


    I am flooooored this is absolutely capital ​Top Tier. I've never come out of a miyazaki film *not* feeling like I could lift the world on my shoulders, but it is especially true here. Miyazaki's passion for his art, his designs, for the very concept of flight itself can be so contagious, so inspiring, so -- freeing to watch, like having your own weight snatched away from you, so that you can walk, run, and float as you please. It…

  • Drive



    I meet a girl, I follow her, she asks me what I'm doing, she's intrigued, I don't talk, I make eye contact, I keep it mysterious, she's reaching for her phone, I see that there's a man in her wallpaper, 'who is he?' I try to ask, but it comes out as 'who's your daddy?', I let the sentence ferment in the air, she just stares at me, she looks nervous, she seems bothered by the silence, I'm not, I…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    [foghorn blaring] with the boys, so much [foghorn blaring], [coughing and retching] and [seagull squawking] without end, furiously [foghorn blaring] in a sty, dump, devil's own [foghorn blaring] hole, truly phenomenal. Answers the eternal philosophical question of how does one [foghorn blaring] a fish, the answer might not be as shocking as you imagine, aye, sir, it's [foghorn blaring], big wet scaly [foghorn blaring]. Entire film's so wet, mate, [foghorn blaring] sweat, drool, puke, mud, shit, piss, cum (or some…

  • Knife+Heart



    Kinda melodramatic, kinda queer, looking camp right in the eye. This is definitely a movie.

  • Fascination



    We have an empty mansion, we have a mysterious cult and we got a man simply too horny/proud/ignorant to see the red flags, bait and fish, can’t help but draw comparison with Night Tide, which I just saw last week. Instead of a mermaid we got the personification of Death herself, hood, lace, cloak and dagger, lips redder than blood, scythe out, tits already out and the sun has not even set yet, truly a sight to behold, a gothic wet dream.

  • Dune



    Yellow, grey, yellow, grey continuously churned out by a rigid machine that's part of a lights out production chain, G-code compelling it to always stay in repetitive motion, yet it is by no means boring, there's satisfaction to be found here because every movement is so deliberate, so precise. The only sounds that are echoing around in this room are the mechanical humming, buzzing, whirring and the occasional loud vibration -- that's hans zimmer trying to kill you by the…

  • Scream



    One of the best horror opening kills, already a perfect movie but matthew lillard is just the cherry on the cake, an absolute blast to watch with a crowd. This is the fight club of slasher films. (Elaborate on that.) No.

  • Night Tide

    Night Tide


    Seaside view at the balcony, small breakfast with a beautiful girl, fish, coffee, all is good. Beach white as snow sand smooth as satin, calming symphony of waves, seagulls, laughter, cheerful tunes from the carnival, excited screaming from the roller coaster, glorious sun in the afternoon, the ocean is beckoning but you won't go, you’re worried for reasons you cannot or simply refuse to pinpoint. There are whispers of an ancient race, a siren, it’s a tale as old as…

  • Laurence Anyways

    Laurence Anyways


    In awe with how Xavier Dolan frames his characters and the way he effectively portrays their emotions, however complex, by manipulating the stage, the setting, the very world that surrounds the characters in such grand and dramatic fashion, so professionally done, great use of music too.

  • Scarface



    So what we get drunk
    So what we smoke weed
    We're just having fun
    We don't care who sees
    So what we go out
    That's how its supposed to be
    Living young and wild and free

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix Reloaded


    You're in high school and you sat down and you watched the sequel to The Matrix and the first impression was that it's weirdly horny, and then you saw Neo fighting a horde of Agent Smiths from a bird's-eye view as he smacked anyone who even dared to approach his smacking radius away like fucking pinballs (Stephen Chow gets it) and the camera even at one point panned around Neo as he performed a 180 double hop kick and you're…