Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ½

i watched this to try and understand why it was being nominated for so many awards. my thinking was that if the film was as problematic as everyone said it was, surely the writing, photography, editing etc. had to be phenomenal... but, nope! not in my opinion. i think we had two !great! performances from rockwell and mcdormand, but other than that i struggled to find strengths in this.

also im fed up of all the people trying to tell me that this tackles social justice issues...where, fucking whEre, does it 'tackle' these issues. the black characters are pushed aside, they're underwritten and feel like they're just props. you might argue that their characters aren't central, but then what's the point in making it so apparent that rockwell's character is racist!!! the last half hour or so is predominantly concerned with squeezing in the supposed development of a misogynistic, racist villain who was always, (get this, guys!!), deep down a "good man", he just needed to love xx

we have no time to fully explore his treatment of minorities or to empathise with them; audiences are just encouraged to understand him instead, getting an idea of his home life. in my opinion, the nearest this comes to 'tackling' social issues is using them for (unfunny to me) comedic purposes.

i might get attacked for this and told that "ugh you just don't understand film! you dont get its intentions! the writing style!" maybe they'll say "you need to stop being so sensitive". to those thinking that, or the ones that are about to type away in the comments section: this was an empty mess that failed to make any real comment, thats what it is to me and my perception is unlikely to change. this film gets varied responses depending on the [type of] person watching it. and that is mine.

edit: also, I’ve seen people saying if you viewed it in a similar way to me then apparently we missed the point of the film. imo the point of the film missed itself, the whole last act w rockwell feels like it’s some weird spin-off, i didn’t lose focus on mcdormand’s character - the film did.

edit 2.0: fucking hell. i just read a response from someone where they said "i was laughing with the racism, not at it".......

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