Favorite films

  • Birds, One
  • Mauvais Sang
  • Le Navire Night
  • The Double Life of Véronique

Recent activity

  • Vertigo


  • Blow-Up


  • Gomeda


  • The Truman Show


Recent reviews

  • Me and You

    Me and You


    Bertolucci is hitting two birds with one stone.
    2 characters' s oedipus complex are seen in an intertwined way.
    the blindfold candlestick and the triangle between the buildings were beautiful

  • Le Navire Night

    Le Navire Night


    This is an intertwined, ingenious narrative. The emotional burden of the text bypasses people's faces and bodies in the camera's gaze. Instead, it is visualized so impressively with the slow movements of the camera through the desolation of the spaces! The scenario, the voice, the gravity of the gaze and a city -which is also responsible for the blues atmosphere- gets its share in Duras' breath. Even though she throws the audience out, to avoid identification and uses 'film in…

  • Hysterical Girl
  • Possession



    A very suitable movie to analyze with Lacan.
    The memory of the film analysis lesson we did with Tan Tolga Demirci, an expert on Psychoanalysis and Experimental Cinema.