Nobody ★★★★

“Give me the goddamn kitty cat bracelet!” ✅

Bob Odenkirk is an absolute tank in Nobody. This movie is one of the best of the decade so far, it is just so much fun. It was nice seeing another action hero who is just a Dad yet he brings a very special set of skills to the table. Odenkirk never goes god mode like John Wick or The Equalizer but he is the job done realistically and while taking tons of damage. You can really see the amount of work he put into the action and it pays off to see him do so well. The hard R carnage was so awesome, and with Christopher Lloyd too it gets even better.

Also, the story is very simple but it’s elevated by the director. They don’t waste a single moment here to build up Odenkirk as Hutch and the villain too. He isn’t a well developed villain but you love to hate him in the few scenes he is in. On top of that the direction is really flashy but in a great way. The editing feels like it’s out of an Edgar Wright film and all the action is well filmed so you can see everything. Nobody was just fantastic and it’s definitely the best straight action film since John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. This is an absolute blast!

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