Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★½

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is a great continuation of the series because just like the two seasons of the show, I had zero idea what was going on but still kind of love it? I’m only half-kidding here and I think it speaks to David Lynch’s talent that this can be so investing even without diving into 4 and a half hours on youtube to try and understand it all. Whilst this film doesn’t start in the titular town, it still carries the Twin Peaks-feel from the start, with all its uncanny characters and mysterious atmosphere. The opening quarter is the weakest part though, a bit jerky until we finally get to Laura Palmer and the film rises to something own. It’s truly beautiful to see someone we previously only knew as dead and seeing her come to life as well as experience the horror around her is by far the strongest aspect of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. So much so that this almost feels like several films in one, with a tone swinging in between then and some quite distracting aspects, but as a showcase of the tragic life of Laura Palmer, this is nonetheless very touching.

David Lynch

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