The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★

“It’s nearly impossible to take the wild out of something born into it”

The anti-colonialism perspective that David Yates reimagining The Legend of Tarzan takes is well-meaning, but when the tale also is rooted in the white-savior complex, it’s hard to fully embrace its ideas. Still, it is a fresh perspective on an old story, the film does seem to want to actually do something, which is fun. In that sense, this feels quite new, but it’s such a shame that the film is cemented with flashbacks feeling misplaced in the new narrative and when the “classic” Tarzan-stuff arrives, it just feels too expected and doesn’t bring anything new.

In a quick line-exchange, Jane (Margot Robbie) questions her damsel-role, but for as admirable as that is, the film still puts her in it and limits her. Furthermore, there’s no other characters to talk about either, there’s some solid performances – but very expected, in which Christoph Waltz’s villain is horrible when it comes to this. The Legend of Tarzan utilizes flat lines, looks surprisingly ugly with clumsy action scenes and a plot that is way too thin. Even with a somewhat interesting perspective and some classic Tarzan-goodies, The Legend of Tarzan swings and ultimately misses in making something with all the potential.

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