The Happening

The Happening ★★

“You like hot-dogs, don't you?”

The Happening starts out so weird with some really off-key acting but you think that it's just because it's small extras in those roles and that it'll settle. But then Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel enter with some of the most horrid acting ever seen from such giants and it all becomes tragic and comedic at the same time.

The Happening has some really weird moments in the beginning, but you think it's just a little bit shaky before the film truly finds its footing. Then things kick off and the film just pile one laughably ridiculous event on top of another.

The Happening start out with a bunch of odd characters but you think it's just to set some kind of mood or build-up to eventually flesh out some real people. But then you slowly realize that no, every goddamn person featured in this film is completely wacko in their personalities and acts.

The Happening presents a very weird, unique and somewhat fascinating mystery in its plot. It's intriguing and you think it'll eventually bloom and get it's satisfying conclusion and explanation. But then it turns out that everything with this mystery just dies in the most silly anticlimactic fart ever.

At a few moments, it seems as if M. Night Shyamalan's film is a bit self-aware, but for the lion's share of this film it's amazing how bad and silly it all is in everything from acting to story. The amazing score of the film, nice cinematography and (at first) intriguing mystery is not enough to save it, but The Happening is ultimately a fun ride for all the wrong reasons.

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