Opera ★★

“The only bad luck Macbeth has brought you is fame”

An opera house seems like the ideal setting for a horror movie and Opera portrays it just as much as an enormous, majestic place as an enclosed, isolated space. This setting, the dramatic opera-scenes and murder-point-of-view fits the grisly murders, but as Dario Argento early on lets the killer speak and end up in a brawl signals the first problems with this film.

The stilted actors mostly just follow the straight script, carrying nothing beyond the identity of the killer as a mystery. This killer is sadly a disappointment, where the bird-killing, Pinhead-voice and A Clockwork Orange-copying (albeit in a very unsettling scene) is merely flat attempts at bringing something to this thin character. This is such a shame, because Opera looks great and has some solid grisly murders — but as the shitty metal-riffs is prioritized over engaging mystery, it’s clear that this film as a whole doesn’t hold up with such a lack of a plot or investment in the characters.

Dario Argento
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