Hotel Monterey

Hotel Monterey ★★★½


Last night, I got Chantal'd for the first time and oh boy what an experience. Maybe this is “controversial” but I watch quite a few movies while doing the dishes (that’s just the way the puzzle of life has to come together sometimes) and oftentimes the dishes are done fairly quickly. With Hôtel Monterey however, I found myself in a zen-like calm in every movement I made and with a newfound awareness of the moment. As someone fascinated by hotels, Chantal Akerman's movie is a fascinating image of the people surrounding a hotel but also the empty lack of flesh and bone within those corridors. The complete lack of any kind of soundscape is perhaps a bit of a shame but also part of the experience making this a haunting feature.

After a hectic day of grading all my students, the completely captivating calm and mood of Akerman was a perfect closure.

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