the latin left: an education

documentaries abt latin america (diaspora)‘s left-wing revolutionaries/communities, because i would like to learn more & presumably other people would too!
*note: some movements obviously (have) had reactionary elements, including ones that were anti-Black, anti-undocumented, dictatorial, etc. learn from these documentaries in every way you deem appropriate, ofc applying critical thinking to the filmmakers themselves, too*
- add: “the plume” upcoming film

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  • Chevolution
  • El Che
  • Cuba and the Cameraman
  • Greve!
  • You Speak of Brazil: Carlos Marighella
  • The Necessary War
  • Death to the Invader
  • The Battle of Chile: Part III
  • The Battle of Chile: Part II
  • In the Intense Now
  • ABC of a Strike
  • Lemebel
  • The Tiniest Place
  • Crude
  • Re-Existences
  • Ashes of the Afternoon – 134 Deaths
  • Mexican Americans: The Invisible Minority
  • Roses in December
  • Monseñor: The Last Journey of Óscar Romero
  • Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary
  • Heredera del viento