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  • Fargo



    This week my husband and I were talking about whether we thought Burn After Reading was rewatchable, and I said I wasn't so sure because I thought it was a lesser Coens film, and he said well then what's an example of a rewatchable Coens film, and the mere mention of Fargo was enough to make me NEED to rewatch it that day.

  • Badlands



    Making my way through the list of films I've always wanted to see and knew I'd enjoy but have never made time for. The idea of an adult man seducing a teenage girl makes me uncomfortable (decent person flex!) but about halfway through I realised I was seduced too, and that's the strength of this hot, uncomfortable film. Sissy Spacek is an all time great. Please send recommendations for more atmospheric character studies like this my way.

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  • Dead Pigs

    Dead Pigs


    "I am a happy and successful person.... I am not a happy and successful person."

    Absolute stormer of a debut film, though most people will already know Cathy Yan from last year's also excellent Birds of Prey. I found it to be a really moving parable on desperation and acceptance and how our connections help us navigate desperate times. Moving, but not ever preachy, because it's also a lot of fun. It even resists the urge to be tropey by…