Favorite films

  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • Forrest Gump
  • Schindler's List
  • Amélie

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  • Train to Busan


  • Thief


  • The Warriors


  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


Recent reviews

  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    It's been quite some time since I've seen something with so much force, such drive behind it. Maybe I love revenge stories too much, but this was excellent. Unflinching and brutal - yet the violence fits the narrative. It's rare to see such a well written strong female character and Aisling Franciosi did a terrific job with it.

  • The Abyss

    The Abyss


    I have no idea how James Cameron pulled this off. The behind-the-scenes of this is crazy... they don't make movies like they used to!

    My main problem is that the dialog itself isn't very good and has some cliche "happily ever after" moments, but I can't deny the awesome vision that Cameron brings to this.

Popular reviews

  • Mulan


    Completely inferior to the original Mulan in every aspect. I don't think a team of the greatest screenwriters who ever lived could come up with a worse script, although they somehow managed to assemble every godawful movie cliche in 115 minutes.

    You know that saying "Disney magic"? That magic has gone. Every Disney remake has been inferior to their original counterpart, but it's not because the team at Disney is less competent than in the renaissance years. It's due to…

  • Akira


    Atrocious plot, completely one-dimensional characters, nonsensical storyline, overly dramatic yelling, and far too many explosions. I recognize that its the anime style, but still. I walked into this with a slight headache and left with a terrible one. The only star I'm giving for this movie is for the pretty decent animation. Really disappointed.