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  • The Underground Railroad

    The Underground Railroad


    Y’all remember I said I was ready? I wasn’t. 

    Barry Jenkins, Thuso Mbedu, and Joel Edgerton please start writing your acceptance speeches. 

    This is Barry Jenkins best work, the surrealism touch to almost every historical fact was delivered beautifully. The shots were amazing. It’s so interesting how you could feel the violence through the acting and shots without directly seeing it. Also, talk about a soundtrack. 

    I have nothing negative to say about the acting. Thuso Mbedu was excellent, a…

  • The Underground Railroad

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Boy.... what a mess. 

    Amazing cinematography! The setting, the angles, the editing, it was so pleasing! Loved that! 

    The acting was ok, but it’s not giving what y’all say it was. It’s missing the chemistry of a love couple, and it showed in every sexual scenes. 

    The use of a black man to vent white frustration and spew hate was absurd, unnecessary, and weird. Sam Levinson thought that if he used a black man to say all that sexist shit,…

  • What Lies Below

    What Lies Below

    Did a grown man (apparently) just drink a girl’s period blood in front of me? Yeah I had to stop watching, really weird.