Sator ★★★★

Darkness that wreaks havoc.

Sator, is about a broken family living in a secluded forest that is observed by the demon Sator who is attempting to claim them.

Sator, can simply be described as the love child of WITCH (2015) and HAGAZUSSA (2017), a kid that i didn't even knew i wanted so bad, but would never look at it again alone at night.

Sator, is the very definition of creating a perfect atmospheric horror flick as the tension builds though rustling of leaves in the trees on a breezy night, water running in the river and that subtle sound of creaking wood in the darkness that ensures that you are not alone.

The movie builds itself through the tale told by Nani the oldest of the family who seem to confuse facts with fiction but believes in sator the most, all of this and an untimely demise starts affecting Adam, a guy who is broken and depressed and is looking for answers in the forest, and is constantly being watched by a mysterious presence that keeps blurring his vision as he finds himself in the midst of this darkness.

Sator by all means is a work of art with top notch camera work that drains every ounce out of the environment, visuals that can best be described as mesmerizing, all of this boosted by amazing performances from the cast.

Sator, is a movie that demands your full attention, as every word spoken means a lot, every frame that contains something in it, sator is an indie gem by all means that gets even better on a rewatch.

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