The Unnamable II

The Unnamable II ★★½

This one picks up right after the first film with Carter and the professor searching for the demon...

This sequel feels alot like a horror comedy at times with the trio of overzealous cops, the shoddy acting, the naked demon lady with conveniently placed hair extensions, and just the overall tone of the film. The first one was a bloody creature feature that was creepy. The Unnamable 2 kills the creep factor as we clearly see the creature often in well lit rooms. The creature's cat face comes off more adorable than its supposed to be.

There was also wayyyyy to much talking. The first 40 mins of the film was spent watch Carter and the professor research, study, and discuss the creature.

Everything from the acting to the creature design isn't up to to pare with the original but it's still a decent watch.

5 out of 10

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