The Power ★★½

Been neglecting Shudder lately aside from watching the lackluster second season of Creepshow. Gonna watch a few of the Shudder exclusives starting with The Power.

Set in London, circa 1974, a young hospital nurse spends her first day on the job working on the overnight skeleton crew. There's little power aside from lanterns due to energy conservation cause of the war. The ppl she is working with aren't the most welcoming bunch so she's pretty much left alone rambling around the creepy hospital hallways in the dark. Which proves to be more terrifying than she could have imagined.

The cast was decent with the lead actress Rose Williams being the only standout. The tone of the film was all dreadful and ominous. The score and sound design was top notch. The ending is pretty cheesy and didn't fit at all with the tone of the film up to that point.

Overall The Power is a decent ghost story with a solid build up that falls flat on its ass at the end.

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