No joke - this is probably the least scariest R-rated horror movie I have ever seen in my life.

Everything with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II works. There's a powerful story here about how artists can lose themselves into obsessions that they don't completely understand but nevertheless feel connected to. I was with Anthony McCoy every step of his journey. The problem is that the movie is not with him every step of his journey.

Everything with Teyonah Parris fails. Her "origin story" and ending scene feel completely disjointed from the rest of the movie. There is a 10 minute sequence near the end of this film where she takes over as the dominant point-of-view that is borderline incomprehensible on a narrative level. Was it studio notes and reshoots? Or were 20-30 minutes cut from the film? #ReleaseTheDaCostaCut

I hate the fact that they turned Candyman into a righteous vigilante by the end. It's disappointing that so much of this film takes pangs to either defang Candyman of his viciousness or contextualize his victims as just as evil. We did not need to know the quartet of teenage white girls were bullies between their mirror chanting and their deaths.

Also, you bring Tony Todd back and barely give him any lines to use that iconic voice? Biggest disappointment of the year.

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