Held ★★

So FrightFest II: Halloween kicked off with this thing. And if Held is anything to go by, I'm not going to be writing many lengthy reviews over the next few days: it was so uninspiring. A competently made spin on the Saw blade fatally hamstrung by multiple layers of implausibility. The setup of a couple forcibly confined to a single location by an unseen but all-seeing eye is a basic allegory of patriarchal subjugation and more specifically - possibly fortuitously, depending on when it was shot - a metaphor for the rise of domestic abuse in lockdown. As much as Jigsaw, the VOICE that commands the terrorized couple to OBEY, brought to mind The Inquisitor from Red Dwarf and as soon as I'd made that connection it was impossible to take seriously, much like the rest of the film. I'm not even sure if it's meant to be taken seriously, but it's definitely not a comedy. Gets increasingly far-fetched and unengaging the longer it goes on.

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