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  • Hacksaw Ridge

    Hacksaw Ridge


    The way the film is divided into roughly two halves - the boot camp and the assault on Hacksaw Ridge during the Battle of Okinawa - inevitably invites comparisons with Full Metal Jacket, but the resemblance is only structural. Mel Gibson's film is a biopic, charting the heroics of Medic Desmond T. Doss, the first serving conscientious objector to be awarded a Medal of Honor, so it might not be surprising it lacks any real political dimension or moral ambiguity;…

  • Catchfire



    Catchfire, Backtrack... should probably have just cut to the chase and called it Backfire. Seriously, WTF is this movie? I'm not surprised Dennis Hopper disowned it; it's directed like someone trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle blindfold, wearing oven gloves, with a bunch of random pieces. Confusingly edited to the point where nothing really makes sense. Jodie Foster hiding in a miniature golf prop house, Dennis Hopper throwing a saxophone at a plexiglass window multiple times for no apparent…

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  • Possum



    Darkly oblique, low key character study of a damaged mind. Philip is a puppeteer by profession, who is forced to return to his childhood home following his disgrace at his last paying gig. He terrified the kids with his puppet, a macabre arachnid creation with a blank head resembling his own. This is Possum, an alter ego which has haunted him since entering his life in childhood, preventing him from becoming a functioning adult.

    Scored by a brooding collection of…

  • Bait



    I'm not sure what I was expecting - neo-realism or retro-styled kitchen sink drama perhaps - but Mark Jenkin's entrancing film is a labour of love that borders on anti-realism with its expressionistic editing, montage and post-synced sound. It's a defiantly experimental, subtly confrontational piece that stays true to his own Dogme-like Silent Landscape Dancing Grain 13 manifesto. It looks like a long lost artefact, rescued from oblivion, but has an unmistakably modern sensibility.

    The way the sound is entirely…