Tenet ★★★

The snake has eaten its own tail.

Feels like Nolan heard a lot of his detractors’ complaints about his earlier work (“Too much expository dialogue!” “The character arcs left me cold!”) and doubled down. The dialogue here goes into William Gibson levels of incomprehension, with wonderful actors giving motor-mouthed lectures on time paradoxes that feels like watching Primer on 1.5x speed. 

That said, Nolan’s formal control remains as potent as ever. There’s an extended highway centerpiece that’s among the best things he’s ever done, and I can’t deny that I found this mostly thrilling — Nolan took a Bond movie, cranked up the pacing (that score!) and then needlessly scattered all the puzzle pieces at the last second. Even if I’m confident he could sit me down and explain the whole thing to me, much of this just comes across as utter nonsense. Still dope though: NOLAN!!!!

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