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  • Hail Satan?

  • Standard Operating Procedure

  • WR: Mysteries of the Organism


  • Pink Flamingos


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  • Hail Satan?

    Hail Satan?

    I'm a Roman Catholic. And ever since I went from being a passionate anti-catholic, to receiving my first Eucharist in 2020 - I find myself wanting to hide this fact from a lot of my loved ones because I'm afraid they'll disown me. But fuck that shit. With that said, what a lot of people don't realize is that the value of separation of church and state was a push by colonial Puritans who wanted to be sure that the…

  • Standard Operating Procedure

    Standard Operating Procedure

    My first Erroll Morris - this was particularly affecting to me as someone who made the regrettable decision to join the Military with the cause of building Chaplaincy experience and helping my family with student debt (I never did get that perk...)

    The minute you enter into that environment, the tactics they use to turn you into compliant non-thinkers are glaring - they tear down your values and rebuild them in accordance with their cause and create a subservience that…

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