Thief ★★★½

Michael Mann bursts out of the gate with a blueprint of what his career would look like: arthouse crime movies with badass professionals giving us well-researched and accurately portrayed shootouts, heists, and murders. But the real winner here was James Caan’s performance. He made grimacing and walking with a borderline limp cool. He wears the hell out of that jacket and switches cars like you change shoes. You can almost barely hear him as he half mumbles half enunciates every word, all without repeating himself once. His violent bursts of anger are nauseatingly fun to watch while leaving you scared that he might push it too far.

With that said, this film is a subversive socialist propaganda piece, a clear warning on the perils of what could happen when the laboring classes are pushed to the edge by the greedy, capital-hoarding bourgeoise. In this TED Talk I will

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