Tenet ★★★★

First off, let me start by saying I’m so glad to be writing this review right now. This film was the type of movie I needed in 2020, Finally a clear Best Picture contender.

If you liked Inception you will like Tenet.
We get huge similarities, especially the reality bending technologies that completely shake up the way life itself works.

The acting here is very good, Robert Pattinson is a great supporting actor for John David Washington who was just as if not more impressive in this film, and that’s certainly not a slight at Robert Pattinson, both actors were excellent.

I loved the score as well, that’s very common in Christopher Nolan films though, the dark knight, inception, interstellar, ETC.

The effects were extremely realistic and just cool in general, it seemed to be mostly practical which would explain it.

and last but not least, the writing and plot, this movie made me think so much, I literally have a headache, and it’s actually a good thing. What’s a movie if it doesn’t make you thing a lot? 

Me and my dad were talking about the long run time and he mentioned “ it did seem a little bit too long “ to which I strongly disagreed, if this movie made me confused and think very hard with hardly any time to process, what would it be like if it was faster paced? This movie is the shortest it could possibly be, any shorter and it would be too confusing and cluttered. I would argue it would’ve been perhaps better at a slightly longer runtime even.

Overall I liked Tenet a lot, again I could definitely see it being in contention for a few academy awards including best picture, that’s a first for 2020.

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