The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★

It's less that there's anything particulary wrong with this movie, and more that it does almost nothing right. It's just a very typical, very formulaic, very poorly directed mess of a movie. Pepper in an unceasing number of flashbacks throughout the entirety of the runtime and ever-present CGI effects and characters that are downright cartoonish, and it's a bad time.

I honestly got sad at a certain point, because I think that the actual acting is fairly good - Skarsgård is about as good a Tarzan as you'll get, Jackson is an entertaining figure throughout, Christoph Waltz is villainous enough(-ish), and Margot Robbie is...physically present in the movie, I guess - like, she's a human being that is in the film. But everything holding their performances together is so lackluster that there's not much anyone can do to make it a worthwhile watch.

There's also something vaguely irritating about a soulless movie carved out of a strip-mined public domain franchise trying to make a point about exploitation.

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