WALL·E ★★★½

I appreciate how the post-apocalyptic city looks different from anything Disney has ever produced before. But I always remember the first half of this movie being better than it actually is. There's some solid visual storytelling- telling us what happened to Earth, what WALL-E is and what he does with virtually no dialogue. I liked that! And WALL-E is a truly lovable character and a super cool robot. So out of all the impressive things a robot could do in the future, he is written to fall in love. His love drives the plot and 95 % of the time all he cares about is EVE. Actually, it isn't until the last 10 minutes that WALL-E cares about going back to Earth after the humans realize it can support life. WALL-E is so needy and it's kinda off-putting. Sure, there's a few moments of charm and some much needed humor mixed into the affairs, but the movie becomes a cartoon version of Talk to Her once EVE becomes deactivated AND THEN WE ARE IN SPACE.

I like how Axiom has this amazing group of psycho robots who ooze personality. I have to applaud the character designs because they all look and feel distinctive. The beautician robot pretends to listen and says "I know I'm good girl" on a loop to comfort the human customer. The umbrella bots offer shade at a word. The cleaning bot MOE is a standout. FOREIGN CONTAMINANT is a fun phrase said multiple times throughout the film. And it's always a moment. I really appreciate how segments of WALL-E are like a symphony of robotic beeps and yells and fast moving visuals. From the playful moment when our protagonist first arrives on Axiom and we first meet MOE to the chase for an unconscious EVE which leads us to the Captain. WALL-E tends to be a bit more conventional than the stellar concepts and art direction would suggest, but this fits right in line with other American animated films. Conventional and formulaic. Even if it does have moments that could make you cry. I think this gets less good the more times I watch it.

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