Normal People

Normal People ★★★★★

“I’m never lonely when I’m with you.”

Absolutely decimated me. The pain and passion of true love on screen. Every episode perfect little capsules of time. Abrahamson and Macdonald's work is incredible, and the half season split compliment each other so well. Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones... everyone bow down (Paul Mescal here is my phone number, here is my social security, here are my house keys...), Their chemistry, their intimacy, everything felt so real and present. I can't wait to finish the book but this series stands proudly on its own.

Let's also talk about sex. I have never seen sex scenes that feel so intimate and emotional and real (and also a good time). The sex scenes are not just there to titillate or excite, they are there for story and emotion. Big props to Ita O'Brien, the intimacy coordinator on the show, for her amazing work. You can read more about her work and the importance of having an intimacy coordinator on projects like these in this insightful interview.

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