Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

"It's like poetry... It rhymes."
- George Lucas

this is one of the best comedies i've seen, probably in my whole life. i could not stop laughing. this is probably the height of anderson's subversion but a way worse action film than retribution. i love how the first half is like an angry reconstruction of miller's mad max and its derivatives (the first half's landscape and aesthetic is a literal reconstruction of fallout 3) but kinda cheap and shitty? props to making sure that milla had a sawed off shotgun with three barrels though!

honestly has the most beautiful moments of the series though, the childhood footage and then the simulacra (alice) becoming the original (alicia). for a series inherently structured in how unoriginal it is, this is an unbelievably brilliant way to end it. it's a shame that it's only so fun and hilarious in between the almost dreadful action set-pieces.

you're fired, wesker.

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