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  • Hancock



    I've really come around on this movie, it's a little batshit insane. I don't know why I have this fatal attraction to Peter Berg movies cuz I think he's like a bad dude probably.  The premise is very simple but there's a major twist about an hour in that turns the whole thing upside down and honestly really takes the movie into a hairbrained direction. If they had just made the movie it was supposed to be for the first…

  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga


    Admittedly too damn long, but this movie is better than it has any business being. Watching it involved alternating between shaking my head, and standing up applauding and crying in my apartment alone.

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  • Seconds



    A movie in which a man would rather have his face cut off and replaced with Rock Hudson's face than continue to speak with his wife.

  • Enemy of the State

    Enemy of the State


    Watching this movie makes one nostalgia for a time when a) the idea that the NSA was watching all of us constantly was like a conspiracy, and b) a run of the mill action thriller could have a cast so fucking star studded WITHOUT having to be part of some sort of cinematic idiot-verse. Everyone is perfect. Will Smith is very good at running. Jack Black delivers the film's most iconic line ("enhance, enhance, enhance, enhance"). Of course, important to…