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  • Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing


    -Very fun watch, can see the cultural impact and hit all the plot beats right for a nice afternoon watch. Paired well with a cup of tea and a bakewell. Comfy.
    -That final jump was iconic but idk if it was as good as I thought it'd be to warrant all the parodies.
    -The baby line though, damn, I felt that. Her name is Frances! (Francis?)
    -Also though the last track is a classic, I'm a sucker for all things Salsa/Pachanga/Mambo (or any of the other Latin terms they threw out randomly) so hoped they'd do an even sexier Latin ballroom routine to end.

  • Eastern Promises

    Eastern Promises


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Detatched communities (and also exiled ones in this films Russians in London setting) need some kind of continuity from their links home to the current. Cronenberg's provides this connection through the body, continuing the focus of what I've heard occurs in his other films. Tattoos especially in the visible areas like the hands, and a fantastic erotically-charged scene of elder criminals observing the skin of Nikolai, best display this in the passive. The bath scene with those cuts soon to…

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  • Sixty Six

    Sixty Six


    Really charming film that worked for a midweek watch with parents.
    The nostalgia and patriotism involved with the ending around the '66 final felt a bit odd to say the least, though I feel my confusion stemmed more from the abundance of Union Jacks present in the build up when nowadays England is very much a team associated with the St Georges flag and Stella. The presence of a Scottish policeman in a bad mood remedied this nicely.
    Lovely performance…