Moxie ★★★½

i was skeptical at first but the more the movie progressed, the more i understood. i know people will criticize this as a white feminist type of movie and i don't blame them since the protagonist is a cis white woman. i was thinking this too but then i also realized that white people just really need to start doing shite! i'm glad the movie addressed this a bit because in a conversation about intersectionality and sexism, white cis women do have the most privilege and will suffer the least consequences. so with that being said, i'm not mad that it was vivian that created the platform for others to speak out on. i have lots of other wishes and hopes for what this movie could have been but i'm just going to accept it as it is: a well-intentioned, fun high school movie with a good message. its target audience is tweens and teens so if this teaches just one young girl about sexism and feel inspired to do something about it (especially white women standing up/next to fellow bipoc women) then it is something to celebrate. in the future though, i would love to see more bipoc, disabled, and trans women behind the screen (and onscreen) as i'm pretty sure this movie was written by white women.. anyways, i wish nico hiraga a very pleasant evening.