Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★


If you even only somewhat enjoyed the theatrical cut, then the Ultimate Cut is a definite improvement and a better film.

If you largely disliked the theatrical cut of this film, then nothing about the Ultimate/Director's Cut will change your opinion about it, I would imagine (although I do recommend that everyone watch this film at least twice... (same goes for any film, really))

While it didn't improve on the film in any of the ways I imagined it could have or wanted it to, the added length still undoubtedly makes for a better film due to the added and fleshed-out subplots, allowing for this previously over-stuffed movie to breathe for comfortable amounts of time. The UE definitely feels like less of an overall assault on your eyes and ears.

If Christopher Nolan gave us the realistic version of the world, then Snyder's is the comic book vision, and it's important to remember that when sitting down for a big movie like this with a crazy (quasi-brilliant?) fuck like Snyder at the helm.

If anything, I'll still argue with anyone that this is far superior filmmaking than any Marvel movie in any and every way, shape or form.

p.s. If I may add a note about Eisenberg, I think he's fucking terrific.
...I just wish I had never heard of Jesse Eisenberg before. Because it's impossible not to see all the other complete-opposite character types he's played before.

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