WALL·E ★★★★★

WALL-E by far is the most delightful movie of Pixar I've ever see, your delightful moments shines on every movie frames, in every moment you witness a masterpiece of animated movies and the film history in general, and I'm not overrating the size and power of this effectual work becoming one of the greatests movies of 2008, If is not the best.

And the delight begins in a majestic opening which we face the beautiful pale dot in the Universe, the glorious Earth in constant decay and near death and ashes forever. After we destroy our home in an insane industrial consumerism and overpopulation, and the death of any possibilities of life is gone; animal, plant and mankind are gone out in the space forever, no hope on the horizon remains today. And besides that only decay, garbage, trash and WALL-E remain on Earth, everything ever rested to we see, we hear and we fear to listen to the beautiful song in our heads from Hello, Dolly! (1969) the greatest movie classic from Gene Kelly, 'Put on your Sunday clothes', sings on:

Out there
There's the world outside of Yonkers
Way out there beyond this hick town, Barnaby
There's a slick town, Barnaby
Out there
Full of shine and full of sparkle
Close your eyes and see it glisten, Barnaby
Listen, Barnaby...
Put on your Sunday clothes,
There are lots of worlds out there
Get out the brilliantine and dime cigars
We're gonna find adventure in the evening air
Girls in white in a perfumed night
Where the lights are bright as the stars!
Put on your Sunday clothes, we're gonna ride through town
In one of those new horsedrawn open cars

A beautiful music 'bout enjoy the joy of life, of Sunday, of fun and of life, all the gliding moments from every Sunday life. Is gone. At least here with the lonely boy, WALL-E, the trash compactor walking, working, joining the pieces of garbage on his chest and turning on massive millimetric cubes on meticulous fields and spaces very well in piles and piles every day from Monday to Sunday:

Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out
Strut down the street and have your picture took
Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about
That Sunday shine is a certain sign
That you feel as fine as you look!

Your loneliness is comprehensive, we have left our own legacy on small robots some dead some still lives to clean our mess, our legacy; clothes, diamonds, toys, lamps, watches everything which we have consumed for ages from Buy 'N' Large (BnL) while the CEO of the Buy 'n' Large Corporation speech on the giants video commercials days prior our final evacuation in the year of 2105.

Voice in commercial: Too much garbage in your face? There's plenty of space out in space! BnL StarLiners leaving each day. We'll clean up the mess while you're away.

As always Wall-e cleans up our mess every day. These moments is too much to we have the perfect compassion on this little robot with sparkling eyes and genuine curiosity in the things such enough to we laughs; he opens up the diamond's ring case and throw off that and keep looking inside the case, I laughed so much here; this moment represents our significance for material things, useless stuff,which means love, marriage but in the fact means nothing, if you look only in the act to give some diamond's rings off course. But not just this wonders the Wall-e's heart, our bravest hero, but the act of keeping our memories and legacy alive in your shelf on his shelter with his small friend, the cockroach.

All his loneliness in our desert garbage and junkyard of dead Wall-e standards robots, cars, pizza planet trucks, everything which stay in decay for 700 years, one thing remains, is a nice copy of Cinema; Hello, dolly! which Wall-e is very fan. His love dedication to watching that picture glows his heart and hope to some day experience the act between two lovers holding his hand in the park on every Sunday morning.

Beneath your parasol, the world is all a smile
That makes you feel brand new down to your toes

Wall-e again in his dedicated routine to make the garbage become some cube trash in piles and piles, he faces the curiosity of new, of the brand new EVE; before his magical encounter he's seedling and founds a plant and keep again which he funds. EVE, the white and hot female robot comes to Wall-e's surprise who is been looking for some vegetation on Earth if there's is one. The AXIOM's starliner came down to here and left EVE to hold this impossible task.

And how I foretold Wall-e meets this beauty in the garbage and instantly fall in love with the cold and hostile EVE; and this moment is very well made; Andrew Stanton and his crew do so well brilliant here; the most Universal moment of the screen who is like, what if we found somebody else so beautiful, so mysterious, so nice? and we're so afraid to say such words, and we don't, as EVE are. I guess I'll be so petrified as Wall-e did hiding from the ray blaster attacks from the hostile EVE. And this is one of many moments of beauty and delight of this excellent Pixar's picture.

After of this moment, EVE be friends of Wall-e who gently invites her to come to his warm and comfortable home-shelter. And happy and goofy, of course, he shows your artefacts, as many silly boys when meets THE GIRL, your light bulbs, your friend, everything and of course your favourite picture in the world HELLO, DOLLY! but this is not so important to EVE as some green plant which of course, Wall-e brings to her, he realises the artefacts, and automatically stores inside himself, and goes into standby mode on. And later some days AXIOM returns takes aboard EVE to disappears and Wall-e follows her into the deepness of darkness of our Universe.

Hiding aboard the standard spaceship to rescue your beauty.

Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out
Strut down the street and have your picture took

The delightful moment glows again in this impeccable moment of the filmmakers, the Louis Armstrong's cover of 'La vie en rose' from Édith Piaf. This glorious moment is beautiful, Wall-e opens his fingers and touches the darkness of space crossing on the little dead Spotnick, and feeling the blue dust of Nebulas.

Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose
When you kiss me heaven sighs
And tho I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose.

AXIOM's the spaceship hidden behind the blue and mystical Nebula and finally finds EVE. In the AXIOM everything comes in the perfect motion, the sit-com, the drama, everything glows and glows brilliantly to the excellent plot twist a fading to his majestic resolution so good. WALL-E have special inspirations from 2001 and Silent Running, and some Woody Allen comedies have given the crew excellent ideas creating this delightful picture. I have to say many words, many things but I'll give all the spoilers and revelations, and I don't want to spoil anyone.

I just will say my final regards to WALL-E it's so brilliant to wonder a picture who not only just entertain you, but make you thinks and enlights yourself making questions to propose answers joining many social issues and problems; the massive consumerism, environmental problems, waste management and much more, WALL-E is not just someone family movie or animation, but an excellent science fiction and picture who deserve to be considered by TIME magazine 'the best film of last decade', with reason, by excellence.

All the themes have come at the core of our hearts, the not so complex Pixar film embraces with us, a powerful shot of hope and future in this world, as Eve hold on Wall.e's heart.

When you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart
The world where roses bloom
And when you speak, angels sing from above
Everyday words seem to turn into love songs
Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be la vie en rose.

Down to Earth, by Peter Gabriel, see down bellow:

Did you think that your feet had been bound
By what gravity brings to the ground?
Did you feel you were tricked
By the future you picked?
Well, come on down

All these rules don't apply
When you're high in the sky
So come on down
Come on down

We're coming down to the ground
There's no better place to go
We've got snow up on the mountains
We've got rivers down below

We're coming down to the ground
To hear the birds sing in the trees
And the land will be looked after
We send the seeds out in the breeze

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