Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Schmidt just set the record for most money put in the douchebag jar. Luckily, Carey Mulligan was there to make him pay. Speaking of Mulligan, I mean damn, was this the performance of the year, or what? She reminds me of the female version of Jake Gyllenhaal, (who she did great work with in Wildlife (2018)) where she just always gives great, spectacular performances, but then they seemed to be overlooked. However, something tells me that this one will be much different and people will be talking about this for a while. The rest of the cast did a good job too, especially Bo Burnham, who had great chemistry with Mulligan, but this is Mulligan's show. I definitely think that some people who go and see this will be extremely turned off with stuff that goes on in the film. All of the stuff is really tricky and it is I think when talking about it, it is very tough to balance that line. I personally thought that the film did an incredible job of balancing the line and properly showing what it wanted to show. I'm not sure if it would have helped or not, but I would have liked to see a flashback scene or something, just to get an attachment to the character Nina, instead of just Cassie. I thought the movie was gonna end one way for a while, and then without about 20 minutes left this kind of curveball came in and I was disappointed with where it was going. However, with about 5 minutes left, an even bigger fucking curveball comes in and I was walked out just incredibly satisfied. A movie that I am very glad I saw and one that I would love to/can't wait to talk about with my friends when they see it.