Tenet ★★★★

Watched again because I became mildly obsessed with wanting to understand everything since first time (was this Nolan's plan all along, to obfuscate the fuck out of the story with muffled dialogue and inefficient writing to compel rewatches?)

I understand it now, but it reeks of Nolan wanting to show off and appear impressive rather than deliver something for the audience's sake. The car chase scene is the perfect example of this - it absolutely isn't clear that the Protagonist throws the 241 plutonium/block thing into Protag 2's car, and only bounces the empty briefcase across the bonnet to Sator. Its a significant thing to happen - or else it looks like he simply handed it over to save Kat's life. But the truth of that moment is deliberately confused. Not to mention the whole logic of that scene.

The film's only real point is the puzzle element. Once that's all settled, its just an incredibly generic spy-thriller without much of a heart of soul. There's no real character, meaning or depth to it, besides some vague notions of determinism. Also, not much is made of the entropy stuff, so much more visual coolness and purity could have been squeezed from the concept, but its left to a few reverse-film moments and that's it. I liked it, but it could have been so much more.